Super Murph 2022 Open Recap

The Super Murph 2022 Open took place April 6 to 13 and featured athletes competing to complete five rounds of 10 pull-ups, 20 push-ups, 30 air squats and 40 sit-ups.

It was another exciting, down-to-the-wire finish for the Super Murph 2022 Open event, with last-minute lead changes in three different categories.

Both the donor categories were extremely competitive. Garet Hil took the top spot in the men’s donor category with a time of 15:01. Jason Elmore, who ended up in third place in the category with a final time of 22:22, did the full workout three times throughout the week (his first two attempts were 26:31 and 25:36), getting faster each time but not fast enough to beat Garet or Justin King, who placed second with a time of 21:49. In addition to winning the men’s donor category, Garet beat all of the men in the general category, demonstrating that kidney donation does not negatively impact health or fitness.

The women’s donor category featured an epic battle between two Donor Games veterans. Mimi Mahon submitted her 21:59 workout early in the competition and held the first place slot all week before a late challenge by Roni Hays. Roni’s first submission beat Mimi’s time but was DQed. Just hours before the deadline, Mimi submitted a new video shaving her time to 19:22, but was beaten by Roni’s new 18:58 time, which she submitted less than 24 hours after her DQ.

Though technically they registered as competitors in the donor categories, David Ashley and Molly Cropp are really in a class of their own, having trained for the competition in Nepal while acclimating to the altitude as Dave prepares to climb Mount Everest in the coming weeks. Watch the video.

Donor Games regular Scott Claybrook took first place in the transplant recipient men’s division with an impressive 16:58, and newcomer Merrill Walker, who at age 65 proves that top athletic performance is possible at any age, took the top slot in the women’s division with a modified workout coming in at 49:26.

Both general categories were leaderboard brawls, with a lot of back and forth and nail-biter twist endings. In the women’s general category, Donor Games first-timer Anna Stylianaki set a blistering pace early on with a time of 13:48 and seemed uncatchable for most of the competition. On the last day of the event, Brandy Young submitted a video that rivaled the top spot but was DQed. Not to be deterred, in less than 24 hours Brandy submitted a new scorching fast 13:34 workout to take over the lead. Anna submitted a new 13:04 video that was DQed by the judges, leaving Brandy in sole possession of the top podium spot, plus the fastest time of anyone in the competition

In the general men’s category, Nikolaos Kostakis set the pace with a 16:04 workout. Henry Morales beat his time in a video that was DQed, then made another attempt and took over the top spot with a very clean 16:01 workout. On the last evening of the competition, Nikolaos surged into the lead with a new submission, taking the #1 spot with a 15:44 workout.

Final Leaderboard

To view all submitted workouts (sample and full competition workouts) for the Super Murph 2022 Open, please visit our YouTube channel.

Living Donor: Men
Rank Participant Age State Time Video
1 Garet Hil 59 CT 15:01 Watch workout video
2 Justin King 43 AL 21:49 Watch workout video
3 Jason Elmore 41 TX 22:22 Watch workout video
4 Anonymous Donor 42 ME 23:13 Watch workout video
5 Kevin Kilkenny 52 NY 31:12 Watch workout video
6 Jay Irwin 55 CO 38:41 Watch workout video
David Ashley 47 VA *EXB Watch workout video
Dan Strader 48 NY *DQ Watch workout video
Patrick Buddle 70 NJ
Jody Wilkins 50 WA
Living Donor: Women
Rank Participant Age State Time Video
1 Roni Hays 25 TN 18:58 Watch workout video
2 Mimi Mahon 34 OH 19:22 Watch workout video
3 Allison Smart 46 IL 24:30 Watch workout video
4 Darlene Magsino 41 MD 26:18 Watch workout video
5 Andrea Alejandro 42 TX 26:29 Watch workout video
Molly Cropp 41 CO *EXB
Amy Plourde 43 PA
Transplant Recipient: Men
Rank Participant Age State Time Video
1 Scott Claybrook 40 AL 16:58 Watch workout video
Transplant Recipient: Women
Rank Participant Age State Time Video
1 Merrill Walker 65 TX 49:26^ Watch workout video
General: Men
Rank Participant Age State Time Video
1 Nikolaos Kostakis 44 MD 15:44 Watch workout video
2 Henry Morales 31 MA 16:01 Watch workout video
3 Matthew Greenberg 24 NJ 17:13 Watch workout video
4 Greg Holt 36 CT 20:06 Watch workout video
5 Mark Zimmer 41 CT 22:17 Watch workout video
6 Nathan Hummel 35 OH 25:02 Watch workout video
7 Atticus Wilkins 19 WA 32:25 Watch workout video
Timothy Smith 35 MD *DQ Watch workout video
Miguel Person 43 NY
General: Women
Rank Participant Age State Time Video
1 Brandy Young 38 TN 13:34 Watch workout video
2 Anna Stylianaki 43 MD 13:48 Watch workout video
3 Shelby Donahue 32 CT 15:53 Watch workout video
4 Chadae McDonald 35 MD 16:03 Watch workout video
5 Ana Callejas 28 MA 21:13 Watch workout video
6 Laura Anderson 37 OH 21:18 Watch workout video
7 Mandy Romine 46 MD 22:05 Watch workout video
8 Ali Mahon-Pabon 34 OH 30:23 Watch workout video
9 Ashley Obrest 37 OH 27:39^ Watch workout video
Lindsey Holden 40 OH *DQ Watch workout video
Morgan Zerkle 26 OH

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*EXB: Modified exhibition workout completed at Everest Base Camp. Learn more

*DQ: Submission was disqualified by the judges due to a form issue.

^ Modified workout:  Athlete performed an allowed assisted move.

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