Mini Murph 2021 Open Recap

The Mini Murph 2021 Open ran from February 3–11 and consisted of 10 consecutive rounds of 10 pull-ups, 20 hand release push-ups, and 30 air squats within the time limit of 90 minutes. We had record participation and many jaw-dropping performances. Below are some of the highlights:

Roni Hays from Tennessee won the women’s donor category with a blistering pace that not only put her at the top of her category, but also crushed the times of the male donor competitors and all of the competitors in the general: women category.

Dr. Jeffrey Veale from UCLA Medical Center was our first transplant professional to enter the competition, turning in an amazing time of 28:30—a truly remarkable performance given he had not trained AT ALL for this workout in advance of the competition.

Robert Claybrook from Alabama turned in an incredible time of 27:56, taking first place in the men’s transplant recipient category. Please get the word out that we are looking for more transplant recipients to participate in the next Open (3 rep max deadlift).

Henry Morales from Massachusetts took the men’s general category with a time of 21:56 with impeccable form (his pull-ups look effortless). This is Henry’s second #1 finish after dominating the Grace competition.

Final Leaderboard

To view all submitted workouts (sample and full competition workouts) for the Mini Murph 2021 Open, please visit our YouTube channel.

Living Donors: Men
Rank Participant Age Time Video
1 Garet Hil 58 00:25:59 Watch workout video
2 Chris Sullivan 51 00:29:13 Watch workout video
3 Kevin Kilkenny 51 00:50:32 Watch workout video
4 Dan Strader 46 00:51:53 Watch workout video
Living Donors: Women
Rank Participant Age Time Video
1 Roni Hays 23 00:22:37 Watch workout video
2 Courtney Schaiper 37 00:28:39 Watch workout video
3 Mimi Mahon 32 00:29:36 Watch workout video
Transplant Recipient: Men
Rank Participant Age Time Video
1 Scott Claybrook 39 00:27:56 Watch workout video
Transplant Recipient: Women
Rank Participant Age Time Video
General: Men
Rank Participant Age Time Video
1 Henry Morales 30 00:21:56 Watch workout video
2 Erik Sparby 23 00:22:43 Watch workout video
3 Joseph Cosentino 36 00:24:35 Watch workout video
4 Steve Lazarus 54 00:27:13 Watch workout video
5 Jeffrey Veale, MD § 46 00:28:30 Watch workout video
6 Chad Becker 46 00:30:17 Watch workout video
7 Miguel Person 42 01:08:13 Watch workout video
8 Ryan Meehan** 38 00:50:53 Watch workout video
9 James Metzger** 41 00:59:13 Watch workout video
General: Women
Rank Participant Age Time Video
1 Chadae McDonald 34 00:24:22 Watch workout video
2 Jodi Spielvogel 49 00:24:24 Watch workout video
3 Angela Bognanno 29 00:28:05 Watch workout video
4 Mandy Romine** 45 00:24:05 Watch workout video

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§ Transplant professional
** Performed a modified workout

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