Donor Games Sponsored Athlete Featured in Podcast

Matt Cavanaugh, a kidney donor and active duty US Army Strategist who is being sponsored by the National Kidney Registry in his attempt to be the first living kidney donor to finish the full 4 Deserts race series, was a guest on the podcast C Tolle Run with Olympian Carrie Tollefson.

Each week, Carrie, a 2004 Olympian in the 1500 meters and multiple time champion in both cross country and track and field, hosts a different celebrity guest to discuss running, fitness, and how to live a healthy, balanced life as a runner.

In this episode, Matt tells Carrie about his experience as a living kidney donor, discusses recent accomplishments by other kidney donor athletes, and talks about his quest to be the first person with one kidney to complete the 4 Deserts race—racing 1,000 kilometers across Namibia, Georgia, Chile and Antarctica.

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