Announcing the Winners of the Donor Games 2023 Championship

Congratulations to all the athletes who participated in the Donor Games 2023 Championship on Saturday, September 30, at Affinity Athletics in Stamford, Connecticut. It was our best Championship yet, with some new faces, many amazing performances, and two tiebreakers in the women’s division.

Women’s Division Results

Mimi Mahon, who took first place in the 2021 and 2022 Championships, did it again this year, but not without some fierce competition. Mimi and Roni Hays, who consistently battle for the top podium spot, did so again this year, ending the competition tied with 98 points each. Mimi came out on top in the tiebreaker (21 calories on the Ski Erg), beating Roni by 1 calorie to put her in second place. Darlene Magsino, another familiar face on the podium, came in third with 93 points. There was another tie in fourth place, between Championship newcomer Janet Walker and Anna Cannington, who also took the fourth-place spot in the 2022 Championship.

Men’s Division Results

Cody Maynard once again bested the field, racking up 98 points to take the top spot. There was a lot of back and forth, and Cody and Justin King were tied going into the Sprint Murph, which Cody won. Justin took second place overall with 94 points, with the third-place spot won by Championship newcomer Cornelius Bornman, who donated his kidney to his daughter just 18 months ago. Championship veteran Jason Elmore, who earned fourth place in the 2022 Championship, took the same spot this year, and Jon Sullenberger, another new face at the Championship, took fifth.

With two new events this year, the competitors had to make some adjustments. The biggest difference was the pull-up portion of the Sprint Murph, which this year allowed only strict pull-ups. It made the event a bit more grueling, but in true Donor Games fashion, the competitors gutted it out.

We welcomed several new donors to the Championship this year: Andrea Alejando, Cornelius Bornman, Wilson Du, Jon Sullenberger, and Janet Walker. They were all wonderful additions to the competitive field and we hope to see them all next year. Check out the full leaderboard for all of the action.

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to all participants for continuing to demonstrate the amazing fitness of living kidney donors.

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