3-Rep Trap Bar Deadlift 2021 Open Recap

The 3-Rep Trap Bar Deadlift 2021 Open ran from to April 21–28 and featured athletes competing to complete all 3 reps within 10 seconds without resting at the top or bottom.

The competitors stepped it up a notch yet again, with record participation beyond our expectations. Competition was tight, and right down to the wire.

Here are some of the highlights:

We had some intense competition in the Living Donors: Women category. Mimi Mahon started out strong with efforts of 315 lbs. and 325 lbs., but Darlene Magsino then pushed to the lead with 330 lbs. In the end Mimi, who has placed in all three previous Open competitions, including two first place performances, racked up 335 lbs. to seal the deal.

Our own Garet Hil took the Living Donors: Men category, achieving an amazing 510 lbs. with his second video submission.

Angela Bognanno of Massachusetts blew away her competition in the General: Women category with a solid 385 lbs. Great job, Angela!

Shaphen Robinson, who was referred by fellow winner Mimi Mahon, put up an incredible 600 lbs. to take the win in the General: Men category and post the highest number for the entire event.

We were thrilled to have four transplant recipients join the competition; two in each gender category. Congratulations to the winners: Samantha Hil, who took the Transplant Recipient: Women category with a weight of 220 lbs. and Nicholas Cesarini, who won the men’s category with 305 lbs.

Final Leaderboard

To view all submitted workouts (sample and full competition workouts) for the 3-Rep Trap Bar Deadlift 2021 Open, please visit our YouTube channel.

Living Donors: Men
Rank Participant Age Weight Video
1 Garet Hil 58 510 Watch workout video
2 Kevin Kilkenny 51 420 Watch workout video
3 Anonymous Donor 41 335 Watch workout video
4 David Ashley 46 275 Watch workout video
Cody Maynard 25 DNQ
Chris Sullivan 52 DNQ
Living Donors: Women
Rank Participant Age Weight Video
1 Mimi Mahon 33 335 Watch workout video
2 Darlene Magsino 40 330 Watch workout video
3 Jennifer Small 52 295 Watch workout video
4 Roni Hays 24 240 Watch workout video
Courtney Schaiper 37 DNQ
Janet Walker 37 DNQ
Transplant Recipient: Men
Rank Participant Age Weight Video
1 Nicholas Cesarini 23 305 Watch workout video
2 Scott Claybrook 39 275 Watch workout video
Transplant Recipient: Women
Rank Participant Age Weight Video
1 Samantha Hil 25 220 Watch workout video
2 Amanda Lawton 37 45 Watch workout video
General: Men
Rank Participant Age Weight Video
1 Shaphen Robinson 33 600 Watch workout video
2 Dan Wetherell 37 495 Watch workout video
3 Miguel Person 42 470 Watch workout video
4 Larry McMahon 42 430 Watch workout video
T5 Andre Carvalho 23 330 Watch workout video
T5 Kevin Nelson 44 330 Watch workout video
Thomas Brewster 46 DNQ
Ryan Meehan 38 DNQ
Henry Morales 30 DNQ
Timothy Smith 34 DNQ
General: Women
Rank Participant Age Weight Video
1 Angela Bognanno 29 385 Watch workout video
2 Jennifer Garay 31 335 Watch workout video
3 Ali Mahon-Pabon 33 315 Watch workout video
4 Aubrey Salvador 34 310 Watch workout video
5 Elizabeth Wayne 44 210 Watch workout video
6 Brandee Hall 48 205 Watch workout video
7 Jein Park 47 195 Watch workout video
Jamie Becker 44 DNQ
Christine Lindsey 44 DNQ
Chadae McDonald 34 DNQ

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DNQ: Athlete did not complete the workout or otherwise meet the requirements to qualify for ranking within the category.

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