1-Mile Swim 2023 Open Recap

In our inaugural 1-Mile Swim workout, which took place August 2–8, we saw record registrations and some world-class times by several living donors, including two athletes who went sub-26 minutes.

In the women’s division, Courtney Cox recorded a blistering time of 25:14, edging out Sophia Goode (26:08) by less than 60 seconds. In the men’s division, Jon Sullenberger recorded an incredible time of 25:32, edging out Chris Sullivan (26:00) by less than 30 seconds.

Transplant recipient athletes also recorded some eye-popping times. Sydney Sullivan, a liver transplant recipient, won the women’s division with an impressive time of 27:12. She competed alongside her brother, Thomas Sullivan, who was her liver donor. They swam in parallel lanes and even shared the same video recording. Donor Games veteran Scott Claybrook took home first in the men’s division with a strong time of 32:56Wilson Du clocked in at 50:24 to take second place.

The living donor women category was filled with Donor Games newcomers, but in true Donor Games fashion, they delivered the speed. Courtney Cox, a 2023 donor and former high school swimmer and triathlete, put up the fastest time across all competitors. Sophia Goode held the lead for much of the event but was edged out on the last day by Courtney. Sophia was followed by Victoria Threadgould, who turned in the third-place time of 29:10. Donor Games regulars Radley West and Mimi Mahon rounded out the top five. Newcomer Laura Diaz Moore, a dual living kidney and liver donor, finished in eighth place, representing dual donors well in her first Donor Games event.

The male donors saw constant churn at the top of the leaderboard throughout the entire competition. With five different athletes holding first place at different times, it was truly anyone’s race. Jason ElmoreAnonymous DonorGaret Hil and Chris Sullivan all held the top position at least once during the seven-day competition, but it was former West Point NCAA swimmer Jon Sullenberger who edged out Chris Sullivan on the last day to take home first place. Chris Sullivan and Jon Sullenberger submitted their first videos within 15 seconds of each other on day four, pushing Hil out of first place and setting up their head-to-head duel. We had strong veteran participation in our swim event, with two military-trained swimmers in the top three positions—Sullenberger, a graduate of Army Water Survival Training, and Hil, a graduate of the Navy’s Combat Dive school.

Final Leaderboard

Living Donor: Men
Rank Participant Age State Time Video
1 Jon Sullenberger 61 WA 25:32 Watch workout video
2 Chris Sullivan 54 CO 26:00 Watch workout video
3 Garet Hil 60 CT 29:06 Watch workout video
4 Anonymous Donor 44 ME 30:05 Watch workout video
5 Jason Elmore 42 TX 35:16 Watch workout video
6 Thomas Sullivan 29 OK 35:48 Watch workout video
7 Jay Irwin 57 CO 41:57 Watch workout video
8 Justin King 45 AL 43:05 Watch workout video
David Ashley 48 VA DNC
Cornelius Bornman 46 MI DNC
Cody Maynard 27 TN DNC
Justin Touringy 41 ME DNC
Jody Wilkins 52 WA DNC
Living Donor: Women
Rank Participant Age State Time Video
1 Courtney Cox 39 MO 25:14 Watch workout video
2 Sophia Goode 53 WA 26:08 Watch workout video
3 Victoria Threadgould 40 CO 29:10 Watch workout video
4 Radley West 51 SC 30:17 Watch workout video
5 Mimi Mahon 35 OH 31:37 Watch workout video
6 Sarah Hawkins 40 CA 34:49 Watch workout video
7 Janet Walker 39 NY 35:30 Watch workout video
8 Laura Diaz Moore 56 UT 35:40 Watch workout video
9 Andrea Alejandro 43 TX 44:53 Watch workout video
Anna Cannington 55 MS DNC
Lisa Chura 59 OH DNC
Wendy Collicutt 50 CAN DNC
Molly Cropp 43 CO DNC
Mindy Davidson 63 NY DNC
Jodi Harskamp 47 AK DNC
Roni Hays 26 MS DNC
Emily Polet-Monterosso 36 MI DNC
Elaine Vigneault 47 NV DNC
Transplant Recipient: Men
Rank Participant Age State Time Video
1 Scott Claybrook 41 AL 32:56 Watch workout video
2 Wilson Du 41 CA 50:24 Watch workout video
Transplant Recipient: Women
Rank Participant Age State Time Video
1 Sydney Sullivan 23 OK 27:12 Watch workout video

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DNC (Did Not Compete): Registered athlete did not submit a competition video.

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