1-Mile Swim 2023 Open Recap

In our inaugural 1-Mile Swim workout, which took place August 2–8, we saw record registrations and some world-class times by several living donors, including two athletes who went sub-26 minutes. In the women’s division, Courtney Cox recorded a blistering time of 25:14, edging out Sophia Goode (26:08) by less than 60 seconds. In the men’s division, Jon Sullenberger recorded an incredible time … Read More

Super Murph 2023 Open Recap

The Super Murph 2023 Open, which took place May 10–16, brought the heat and the hurt, with a healthy mix of familiar faces as well as new names atop the leaderboard in this always grueling competition. First-time participant Thomas Sullivan cruised to a first-place finish in the men’s donor category. After an approved first attempt … Leaderboard

Fran Workout 2023 Open Recap

The Fran Workout 2023 Open, a new workout for the Donor Games that took place March 15-21, delivered another exciting event, with fierce competition in both donor categories and a new name appearing at the top of the Donor Men’s leaderboard. In the men’s donor category, Justin King was comfortably in first place with his second … Leaderboard

NKR-Sponsored Kidney Donor Athletes to Run Los Angeles Marathon to Raise Awareness About Living Kidney Donation

Kidney donor athletes Matt Cavanaugh and Hilary Baude, after successfully completing the first marathon of their 1K12M (One Kidney, 12 Marathons) challenge, are gearing up for the next marathon on the list, the Los Angeles Marathon on March 19. 1K12M is a full-year challenge sponsored by the National Kidney Registry, in which Matt and Hilary … Read More

NKR-Sponsored Kidney Donors Plan to Complete 12 Marathons in 2023

The National Kidney Registry is excited to announce 1K12M (One Kidney, 12 Marathons)—a full-year challenge in which NKR-sponsored kidney donor athletes Matt Cavanaugh and Hilary Baude will participate in 12 marathons throughout 2023 all across the United States. 1K12M is Matt Cavanaugh’s latest attempt to shatter the misperception that kidney donation imposes physical limits on … Read More

Bonnyman Workout 2023 Open Recap

The Bonnyman Workout 2023 Open, which took place January 18-24, delivered another exciting competition, with last-minute leaderboard jockeying and some very interesting Donor Games firsts. The Bonnyman Workout is a 1-rep max bench press followed by a 3-rep max deadlift to be completed within a 3-minute time cap. The final score is the composite ranking of the … Leaderboard

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